Congratulations to the prize winners Prof. Andrew Macpherson, Jakob Zimmerman, Florian Schmidt, Tanmay Tanna and Randall Platt.

This collaborative work from our lab and the ETHZ was recently published in Science with the title: "Noninvasive assessment of gut function using transcriptional recording sentinel cells

  • ER stress in intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) drives gut Th17 differentiation
  • Th17 cells induced by IEC-ER stress require H2O2 generated by DUOX2/DUOXA2
  • IEC-ROS induce Th17 differentiation through purine metabolites, including xanthine
  • IEC-ER stress drives microbial Th17 induction even under germ-free conditions

Congratulations to Dr. Bahtiyar Yilmaz, Dr. Caterine Mooser, Dr. Irene Keller & Dr. Andrew J. Macpherson.

Congratulations to Dr. Hai Li, Dr. Julien P. Limenitakis, Dr. Stephanie C. Ganal-Vonarburg & Dr. Andrew J. Macpherson

Dr. Hai Li, Dr. Julien Limenitakis and Dr. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg received SGG Gestroenterology Research Award

for their B cell-microbiota study on 29th SGG-SGVC-SASL Annual Meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland, 2021

Dr. Bahtiyar Yilmaz was awarded from 2018 Research Encouragement Award

for his IBD studies on 27th SGG-SGVC-SASL Annual Meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Dr. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg received Johanna Dürmüller-Bol DBMR Research Award.

from the University of Bern for her research achievements.


Dr. Ziad Al Nabhani will investigate the host-microbial crosstalk early in infancy.

Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg for receiving the Peter Hans Hofschneider Professorship

Congratulations to Dr. Tim Rollenske for receiving PhD thesis price of the Paul-Ehrlich Society